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About Us

Afric Digital HMS is an easy way of managing all your Health facilities (Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, birth homes and more.

  • We make it easy for you to manage workforce and patients
  • We provide an easy financial and inventory management
  • if you have or work in more than one health facilty, YOU ARE COVERED

We offer a service that makes it easy for you to work and manage 100s of health facilities together from anywhere. Afric Health allow you to access amazing tools that enable you manage your facilities. It contains amazing tools for managing patients records, staff activities, health records, inventories, finance, access control and communicate between users.

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Happy Users enjoy easy patient and health expert life on Afric Health.


Excellent Centers use Afric Health to manage all aspect of their health facilities.


Years of experience Medicine and IT Solutions in areas such data, web technologies and AI.


Enjoy our amazing Digital health management services

Unified HMS

This is a software service that help you manage health facilities anywhere.

Tell a Patient

This is a service that allow health experts handle medical consultation easily.

Health Financing

We present a service that help you with lazyloan, loan for your health needs.

Health Insurance

This is a service that help you get quick medical attention and handle your bills.


We have taken all considerable measures to ensure that we provide you this amazing service with absolute affordability in mind


10,000 / year

950 / month

  • HMS
  • Pharmacy
  • Real-Time Consulting
  • Fraud Detection
  • DIY full Customization

Developer Craft

25,000 / year

3,000 / month

  • HMS
  • Pharmacy
  • Real-Time Consulting
  • Fraud Detection
  • DIY full Customization

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must my facilities be registered with Afric Digital HMS?

We understand the stress you go through while trying to manage your patients, staffs, facilities and your life, and that is why this service was innovated to help you manage your health facilities on autopilot, which allows you to manage your facilities from anywhere at anytime.

How much does the Afric Digital HMS SAAS, cost?

We are more than happy to inform you that registration of this service is at a monthly and yearly subscription token and simply no hidden charges. Learn more.

How safe is your Health record management service?

Understanding that data security is a priority, We have taken the liberty of helping you carry your health record on the cloud, just to ensure maximum security. We also ensure that you remain the full controller of access to your facility via encryption and Artificial Intelligence security protocol.

Who have access to your health facilities?

With our amazing team been an expert in data security and abstraction, we ensure that all your record are fully managed by our Artificial Intelligence protocol, which makes you a governor of control of who have access to your health facilities and how long.

I am a Health Expert and I dont own a health facility, how can I benefit from your Service?

We understand how managing patients, health records and other legal health activities off facility in general can be. However, we have taken the liberty of developing an amazing ExpertWheel Tool which will help you in managing health records, staffing, patients and finance. Our ExpertWheel Tool also features data analysis, financial management, and however, theft and fraud detection mechanism. Learn More

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